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Summer 2021

The two topics SSP summer 2021 staff will discuss with participants in our online program!
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Arise in Community: SSP Online Summer 2021

This summer, two passionate, dedicated, and thoughtful young adult staff teams will lead you through small group conversation and learning, with the goal of developing personal faith journeys, cultural humility, and an ethic of service. SSP’s online summer is an intergenerational opportunity, and a life-changing experience for youth, young adults, and adults of all ages! 

Join us in this meaningful experience shaping our journeys towards justice! Groups and individuals – incoming middle schoolers and older – can now register for SSP’s 2021 online summer program. Details are available in our preparation packet.

Topical Connections

  • Our site partnerships look different than before. Participants will have an opportunity to connect with and learn from various community partners and explore topics important to them. Join us to develop skills around cultural humility, elevating local voices, and better understanding our neighbors.
  • Each team will focus on thematic connections between our site partners. The two topics will be:
    • Indigenous Communities Today
    • Environmental & Housing Justice

Spiritual Program

This year’s spiritual discussions will be centered around the theme ‘Arise.’ As we reflect on the last year and what may come next, we are reminded resurrection can be found everywhere. It doesn’t just happen once, but is always happening, and is always needed. As we see through the sustained movements of the sun and other celestial bodies, “rising” is constantly happening, but witnessing it is relative to one’s own perspective and vantage point.

Just as Jesus’ resurrection allows us to imagine a transformed world after – and amidst – hardship, it also empowers us to enact change, bringing about the world we hope for. Join us this summer as we ‘Arise’ to everything that awaits us in community together!

Read more on the SSP blog.

Meet our 2021 online summer staff!


Program Dates

  • Week 1: June 28 – July 2
  • Week 2: July 5 – 9
  • Week 3: July 12 – 16
  • Week 4: July 19 – 23


  • Mondays – Fridays between 10:30am – 6pm PDT
  • Flexibility: Full and partial participation is available to align with groups wishing to carry out their own local service projects
    • Example: Mornings only, afternoons only, program only, etc.
  • All sessions are open to participants middle school age and older! We cherish our intergenerational experiences, and want both young adults and older adults to know they are welcome to participate. Our intergenerational programs have evolved so that young adults and adults who want to take part as a participant themselves, rather than leading and guiding youth, are welcome!
Let Our Loving Know No Borders


  • Tiered “pay what you can” pricing options:
    • $100 – Seed: Substantial scholarship level
    • $175 – Sprout: Partial scholarship level
    • $275 – Tree: Program support level
  • Scholarships are available to supplement the above tiered pricing options
  • Credits from summer 2020 can be fully or partially applied
  • Pay once, come freely: Anyone who wants to partake in multiple weeks just pays the fee once!


  • Groups and individual participants can register now with the team and week of your choice as space is available! We are accepting registrations through the start of each program week.

The program prep packet is available on our downloads page. We hope you join us this summer as we live out our mission in new ways!

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Videos & Media

Check out examples and summaries of SSP’s online program below, from people who have already experienced it as a youth, adult participant, community partner, or staff member!

San Diego 2020 Team

Tsaile 2020 Team

Lake County 2020 Team

Smith River 2020 Team

Chiloquin 2020 Team

Stay in Touch:

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Online Summer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Additional FAQs will be added as questions arise! 

SSP will host a 4-week online program in summer 2021. Details include:

  • Dates:
    • Week 1: June 28 – July 2
    • Week 2: July 5 – 9
    • Week 3: July 12 – 16
    • Week 4: July 19 – 23
  • Registration opens March 15
  • Sessions run Mondays through Fridays
  • Full and partial days available for participants

We plan to host quarterly virtual town halls with updates as information becomes available. You can watch SSP’s January 2021 Town Hall recording and review the accompanying slides for details of our summer 2021 announcement.

SSP’s mission to build faith and strengthen community through service to others has taken many new expressions during this season! Our goals include:

  • Sustain SSP’s financial stability to viably serve communities for years to come
  • Prevent the spread of any COVID-19 cases through our programs
  • Fortify community partnerships to best facilitate collaborative growth and development

With these goals in mind, our year-round programs have adapted to include these various online programs:

SSP will use CDC, state, and local government guidelines regarding stay-at-home and gathering restrictions to determine when it is safe to resume scheduling in-person volunteer days. This will take shape as Days of Service in Sacramento in the first phase, before overnight programs are reestablished.

We thank you for your patience as we navigate a new normal for our program activities; we anticipate a series of changes to elevate our existing protocols that promote the extra health and safety precautions required. 

  • Online: All fees for online programs will be non-refundable and non-transferable, as these programs will be carried out remotely, unaffected by COVID-19.
  • In-Person: We are revising our fee structures and policies for in-person programs. Details will be ready when in-person program announcements can be made.

All participant fee credits issued for the summer 2020 program are valid for use in any SSP program through September 2022. Our participant platform, MySSP, is undergoing system updates so credits can be applied directly towards active programs.

Group liaisons can now confirm their total credit available on their MySSP account. Individual participants can contact us for confirmation of their total credit available.

2020 high school seniors are invited to join in 2021 programs as young adult participants or Staff-in-Training! In all SSP programs, we strive to make accommodations as needed so participants get the most out of their experience. For 2020 seniors, we are happy to foster unique space for this group if interest is expressed.

There is no longer such a thing as “aging out” of SSP’s programs, as young adults are invited to participate in all intergenerational sessions.

You are always welcome to contact us with program ideas as SSP’s work takes on new shape during this time!

Additional questions? Contact us: