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Scholarships at SSP

A key part of SSP’s mission has always been to make our programs accessible to anyone who wants to take part. We are committed to ensuring the inclusion of all people and reducing financial barriers. One way we live this out is through our scholarship fund for participants!

Each year, SSP awards $20,000 – $30,000 in scholarships to participants in need; about a quarter of SSP’s volunteers. We hope to continue providing substantial scholarships for youth with financial need to participate in our programs.

“Sierra Service Project was a great experience because I met a lot of teens from different places, helped others, and had fun. [Participating in] SSP on a scholarship made it more affordable for my family. Thank you very much; it made a big difference in my life.”

Donations from generous family foundations that support low-income teens, with a focus on particular geographies across the Western United States, have allowed us to increase our overall scholarship funds.

SSP has about $45,000 available for scholarship awards in 2024! We hope these funds will allow for even more volunteers to participate in the SSP experience.

  • Central Valley District Union
    • Any volunteer group from Central Valley District churches in the California-Nevada United Methodist Conference can apply for financial support to participate in SSP, in the amount of $75 per participant.
    • Qualifying groups can find the application on the Central Valley District website. This award is separate from SSP participant fees, but can support the cost of travel to and from site.

How to Apply:

The priority deadline is December 31. Submit your application before this date to be part of our first round of scholarship awards in early January. After the first round of funding is distributed, scholarship applications are accepted on a rolling basis, and we will offer awards as funds are available.

If you represent a volunteer group, complete the Group Scholarship Application to explain your group’s needs. Anyone signed up as an individual volunteer (not connected to a group) is also invited to apply, using the Individual Scholarship Application.

Contact the SSP office with any questions!

(For liaisons to complete on behalf of a registered group)

(For participants registered as individuals, not as part of a group)

Want to Support SSP’s Scholarship Program?

Our scholarship program relies on the generosity of supporters who believe in the value of the SSP experience. To continue making this experience accessible to youth from all backgrounds, consider becoming a donor!