Happy 12xSSP Month! Join more than 160 generous donors by signing up for an automatic, manageable monthly gift to SSP. It’s simple, yet so powerful! Our 12xSSP monthly giving program provides SSP with over $65,000 in predictable income throughout the year, enabling us to empower youth and invest in supporting our partner communities.

To thank you for becoming a 12xSSP donor, we’ll send you an awesome thank you gift!

Why SSP Depends Upon Your Support

In 2021, donations provided 71% of SSP’s operating funds. Every year the SSP donor community grows their financial support for our mission, so we can be less reliant on participant fees. We are deeply thankful for the 500+ donors who give annually to SSP – we literally could not run impactful programs without the generosity of donors.

70% of our 2021 operating budget came from donations:

  • Donations from board members: $45,000
  • 12xSSP monthly donors: $63,000
  • Other individual donations: $143,000
  • Foundation grants: $225,000
  • Employer matching donations: $10,000
  • Church donations: $10,000

Sierra Service Project works to build strong connections and resilience among communities. Join us in home repair work so residents throughout the Western United States can safely age in place.

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