During this time of slowing down, SSP is working to facilitate ways to continue building faith and strengthening community even from afar. Add SSP’s Online Calendar to yours by clicking the “+” symbol at the bottom right of the calendar.

If you have a remote youth group gathering you would like to invite other SSP volunteers to, please send us the video instructions and we’ll add to our calendar.

We are asking SSPers of all backgrounds to submit creative content so we can share a library of resources for community building in this season!

  • You are invited to write Spiritual Sandwiches (published weekly on SSP’s blog as group discussion prompts).
  • Youth volunteers are invited to submit Evening Devotionals based on a song, story, or scripture.
  • Anyone is welcome to submit a joke you might tell at SSP!

Is there a song you’ve always wanted to sing at SSP? We’re updating the songbook and would love to hear your ideas about what should be added or removed. Priority for additions will be given to faith-based songs that can be easily adapted to the guitar. Fun and silly songs are also welcome! Please fill out the SSP Songbook Suggestions form for your ideas to be considered in the songbook updates.