Smiling Wide

Smiling Wide

By Laura Sieling, 2015 Walker River Site Director, from Community United Methodist Church of Pacific Palisades

Hey, SSParticipants!! I’m Laura Sieling and I am the Site Director in Walker River! Do you all realize how quickly summer is approaching? My recent trip to Sacramento for hiring weekend got me even more excited (if that’s even possible) to meet new community members, campers, staffers, and counselors. I also reconnected with some SSPals, and got to interview the AMAZING candidates who applied for our summer staff. I’m still blown away by how much planning and teamwork is involved, but I’m absolutely thrilled to give everyone a positive progress report from behind the scenes.

As the Site Directors and office prepares, I want to encourage all of you to begin thinking about ways you can get into the SSP mindset even before you arrive at a summer site: will you re-energize someone who’s stressed? Restore relationships on your school campus or at work? Whatever you find you can do up to SSP, come prepared for a summer of rejuvenation and rejoicing!

I’m already smiling wide, impatient to wrap up classes and oversee a smooth summer!

Editor’s Note: There are still spots available in Walker River and most other sites. If your youth group is going to Youth 2015 or doing something else this summer, you can still go to SSP! Learn about our Individual Youth Program. Group and individual scholarships are still available. Also, we are in the middle of hiring our summer staff.

2015 Summer Theme

2015 Summer Theme

Restore [Rejuvenate/Renew/Rejoice/Reflect]

The 2015 summer theme has been chosen! We challenge your youth group to explore this theme by creating a 1 minute video and uploading it to YouTube using the tag #SSPvideochallenge. The group with the winning video will receive SSP swag sunglasses for all youth and adults attending SSP this summer!

Upload your videos by April 15 with the above hashtag and email the link to Megan Walsh. We will create a playlist on YouTube and will judge who wins by the number of likes for each video.

Have fun and get creative!

Space Available for Summer 2015

Space Available for Summer 2015

If your group is one of the 1,550 volunteers signed up for the Summer Program, thank you! Do you know a group or youth who would like to join in the experience? Direct them to our website for information about our programs. Individual youth who wish to serve but are not involved in a group are welcome at SSP! Learn more about the Individual Program or call our new Volunteer Coordinator Veronica Russell.

If you are an interested group, view the current availability and see if there is still space available during the weeks your friends will be attending. Registration is on a first-come first-served basis. Don’t miss the chance to be a part of the 40th year of service!

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